Artist’s Bio

Thoricatha is the artistic voice of Wesley Bellanca, a 5th generation Los Angelino who currently resides near Austin, Texas.

The urge to create powerful, mythically inspired images has been with Wesley all of his life, and the move from drawing figurative heroes and villains in his youth, into the realm of abstraction came with the revelation that when two images were mixed together at varying transparency levels, as in a double-exposure effect, that collision of realities created an explosion of new, endlessly interesting forms, intersections, and mingled energy. This realm of multiple layers and subjective interpretation, he found, was the perfect way to encapsulate the mystical complexity of existence that he experienced all of his life.

Later, he would move into hand-carving his own frames from wood and experimenting with lighting technologies with the help of collaborator and close friend James “Bunny” Slade.  Wesley’s techniques and artistic process are entirely self-taught and the result of constant experimentation and evolution.

Wesley studied art at the University of California, San Diego, and learned how little he resonated with the established art world around him.  Discouraged from art for many years, he eventually found the visceral and authentic art experience that he longed for in Austin’s regional Burning Man community and local burn event Burning Flipside.  At this and other innovative outdoor festivals in Austin such as Art Outside, Wesley saw art in what felt like its natural state- off the wall, in the wild, fearlessly creative, unbound by rules, interactive and pushing limits.

Wesley’s sense is that the emerging “Burn” scene, festival community and visionary art movement are the vanguards of a sea-change in art- a both new and ancient way of considering art in our culture as a sacred transmission- and he feels blessed to be an active part of bringing art back to its center.

Past Exhibitions:

  • “Peak Experience” Summer Exhibition, Temple of Visions, Los Angeles, CA 2011
  • Interdependence Fest, Austin, TX 2011
  • Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress 2011, Big Island, Hawaii
  • Play Immersion , TX 2011
  • First Night, Austin’s NYE Event, with the Community Art Makers
  • “Stairs of Ascension” debut, Art Outsde 2010
  • E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour), Flipside Warehouse, Austin TX, 2010
  • “This is How We Will Save the World”, Group show with Haven Meadows and Nathan Jensen, Flipside Warehouse, Austin TX, 2010
  • “Astral Art Gallery” installation, Art Outside 2009
  • “Sacred and Profane”, Group show with Haven Meadows and Nathan Jensen, Celtic Dragon Tattoo Studio and Gallery, 2008
  • “Night of the Arts”, Group show and artist talk, United Lodge of Theosophists, Los Angeles, CA, 2004
  • SIGGRAPH, Finalist in SPACE competition, 2002
  • “Video Game Generation” Solo show,UC San Diego, 2002

Photos of Past Exhibitions:

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